Our range of oil containment booms manufactured in Australia, are an impervious barrier designed to deflect or contain oil spills or floating debris. They are suitable for a range of marine environments and conditions and are made in varying heights, styles and lengths.

Containment Booms

Containment-boom.jpg.ashxContainment Booms are an impervious barrier designed to deflect or contain spills or floating debris. With our standard closed cell foam flotation chamber and continuous skirt below the surface, these booms perform very well in rough weather and can be used for short or long term deployment in harbours, rivers, ponds, dams and other open waterways.
Manufactured from heavy duty geo-membrane, these booms have a standard closed cell foam floatation chamber, chain ballast and ASTM connectors.


  • Operates in a variety of conditions
  • Ideal for a variety of applications
  • Cost effective
  • Available in 10m and 15m lengths


Containment boom + Towing set + Anchor set

Product Code High Freeboard Draft
Containment Boom AMCCON10015450 450mm 150mm 300mm
Containment Boom AMCCON10015600 600mm 150mm 450mm
Containment Boom AMCCON15015650 650mm 200mm 450mm
Containment Boom Custom made to your specifications

Containment Boom in the ocean  ContainmentBoom2_2

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Fence Booms

Fence_boom_reel_half way.JPG.ashxFence Booms are a fence like barrier designed to deflect or contain oil and floating debris. The fence boom is constructed using square and flat sections allowing it to be stored in bags, cages or reels. This particular boom is better suited to calm or sheltered waters.


  • Convenience in storage, deployment and retrieval due to their shape
  •  Unique design ensures it stays upright in the water
  •  Light weight, compact and ideal to deploy in emergency situations
  • Available in 15m lengths

Product Code High Freeboard Draft
Fence Boom AMCFEN100615 615mm 185mm 430mm

Fence_boom_insitu_med  Fence Boom  AMCFEN100615 CONNECTOR_sm

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