When it comes to environmental compliance, spill containment products for spill management and spill control are important to all industrial and manufacturing businesses.

Risks that require spill containment products

Stored Liquids

Depending on your specialty the liquids stored could include:

  • waste water
  • cleaning agents
  • foods and syrups
  • plant and seed oils
  • hydrocarbons
  • a variety of  hazardous chemicals

Manufacturing and industrial facilities and workplaces must properly bund liquids using spill containment products and keep spill control product on hand if an accident occurs.

Machinery and Equipment Leaks

Another potential risk is from equipment itself including spills from trucks or other hydraulic equipment and leaks from machinery. No matter what the potential spill risk, in all cases spill containment products are required to stop the spills before they reach the stormwater system or other environmentally sensitive areas causing pollution.

Accidental spills

If any liquid including clean water is used or stored on your site you should have spill control products on site to clean up a spill. A spill on an indoor floor space, even if it’s just water, can be dangerous and cause slip hazards.

What you can do

‘We recommend a range of spill response, stormwater management, floor bunding and temporary bunding as the best spill containment products to ensure your organisation protects its environment and avoids costly fines.

To assist your environmental compliance efforts, we have compiled a list of options to stop penalties arising from spills typically experienced within your industry .

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Chatoyer Solution

Spills from trucks, generators or other hydraulic equipment require immediate remediation to ensure any hazardous substances do not enter near-by stormwater drain pits or pollute environmentally sensitive areas. Therefore, it is important that organisations are prepared to effectively respond to any spill incident.

cleaning up an oil spill on a concrete workshop floor using a broom and floor sweep

Product :
Application :
SpilMax Floor Sweep
This all natural absorbent encapsulates oil and hazardous liquids for easy clean up.

SpilMax oil and fuel, universal and chemical absorbent pads, booms and rolls

Product :
Application :
SpilMax Absorbents
Absorsbent pads, booms, pillows and wipes to clean up liquids from leaking equipment, tools, machinery or any spill.

SpilMax Spill Kits in bins, bags and drums

Product :
Application :
SpilMax Workplace Spill Kits
The SpilMax range of spill kits use different types of absorbents that are suitable for the clean up of leaks or spills including oils, fuels, diesel, coolant, solvent, paints, general workplace chemicals, agricultural chemicals and other hazardous chemical liquids.

Chatoyer Solution

Any spills that enter the stormwater system and pollute the waterways can result in immediate fines to the company and it’s staff. As a result, our stormwater solutions ensure any hazardous substances or debris is captured or contained at the source to protect your stormwater system.

Category: Stormwater Management

Man using DrainSAFE handle to close the DrainSAFE valve and isolate the drain pit to contain a spill
Product :
Application :
SpilMax DrainSAFE™
The DrainSAFE™ is a retrofit drain pit isolation device that can be closed quickly to protect the stormwater system from a spill. When left in the open position it traps hydrocarbons, debris and sediment while allowing liquids such as rain to pass.
Darin Warden
Product :
Application :
Drain Warden
Placed inside the drain pit to capture oil, rubbish and debris.
Protecting a stormwater drain. Weighted containment boom spill containment products are ideal in spill response situations. Made of heavy duty PVC wrapped in geotextile for good ground connection. Each boom has a cuff so multiple containment booms can be joined together. Comes with handles for easy handling.
Product :
Application :
Weighted Containment Boom
Shaped around a drain pit or at the source of a spill to contain liquid from spreading.
weighted drain cover deployed over a stormwater drain to keep liquids from entering
Product :
Application :
Weighted Drain Cover
Placed over a drain pit to stop liquid from entering the stormwater drain.

Chatoyer Solution

Any spills or leaks of hazardous chemicals should be contained at the source so it can be remediated effectively and ensure the surrounding environment is protected. Bunding and containment products are ideal in liquid storage scenarios. Because they are portable and permanent options there is something to suit almost any situation.

Category: Spill Containment

Yellow Urethane Floor Bunding installed across warehouse entry. Shown with fork lift about to drive over it. Other floor bunding spill containment products available
Product :
Application :
Floor Bunding
An ideal way to create secure bunded areas in workshops, liquid storage areas and across warehouse doorways to contain spills. Aluminium Floor Bunding is fire resistant – ideal for the energy industry.
Chatoyer 1 drum quick bund PVC spill mat storing 1 205 litre drum. Also used to store containers of liquid or equipment that may leak.
Product :
Application :
Quick Bund
For temporary storage of anything that could leak. Portable spill mat that’s easy to transport and deploy.

chatoyer collapsible portable containment bund red PVC containing 2 drums. Deployed with Ground Mat and Liner. This collapsible bund contains 2 drums of chemical. If the drums leak, the bund will contain the leak and prevent pollution. The most versatile of Chatoyer's spill containment products.

Product :
Application :
Portable Containment Bund
Temporary storage to bund anything that could leak during operations including mobile generators, hydraulic equipment, portable toilets and containers of liquids.

Cateogory: Liquid Containment

blue PVC flexible tank, bladder, pillow tank on grass

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Flexible Tanks

Flexible Tanks (bladders) are a cost effective, portable, easy-to-manage liquid storage product. Choose the appropriate materials and your Flexible Tank can store a wide range of liquids including potable water, edibles, waste water and hazardous chemicals. Flexible Tanks have wide range of applications.