Man using DrainSAFE handle to close the DrainSAFE valve and isolate the drain pit to contain a spill

DrainSAFE™ can save you money in environmental fines and costly clean ups. This innovative device is a simple and cost effective in-pit storwmater management solution. Satisfied customers have been using DrainSAFE™ for many years to prevent pollution from leaving storm drains.

Stop spills from leaving your site

Respond quickly to polluting discharges and spill emergencies. DrainSAFE is a unique above ground manual stormwater shut down mechanism. Turn the handle to close the valve and it becomes an isolation device. One person can quickly shut the DrainSAFE unit to contain spills in an emergency.

As an act of prevention, enable the closed position of DrainSAFE to isolate a stormwater pit before undertaking any activities that risk a potential spill. Likely scenarios include places where liquids are being unloaded or moved, decanted from tanks into containers, at fueling stations and where trucks carrying liquids will be parked.

Control what is entering the stormwater system

DrainSAFE will trap oils, sediment and gross pollutants 24/7. The practical design allows water to flow through while sediment and gross pollutants are retained in the body of the unit. Hydrocarbons are trapped by an absorbent material secured within the diffuser body.

Comply with stormwater regulations

Avoid harsh fines, penalties and negative press from stormwater pollution. DrainSAFE can deliver on corporate objectives to meet standards enforced by the EPA. Install DrainSAFE in every drain pit at your premises for maximum effectiveness and tick boxes for stormwater pollution management and spill response.

Nominal investment with low running costs

The DrainSAFE unit is serviceable and can be easily cleaned. It’s important to conduct routine inspections and cleaning to maintain optimal flow rates. Supported by a proper inspection and maintenance schedule, DrainSAFE will provide reliable, long term environmental compliance.

visual of how water flows through the DrainSAFE unit
DrainSAFE unit showing the butterfly valve in the bottom. This valve can be opened and closed to control the flow of liquids into the stormwater drain.

How does DrainSAFE work?

The DrainSAFE is a serviceable unit that retrofits inside a drain pit. Once installed it sits entirely beneath the drain grate. It does not impede wheel or foot traffic over the grate.

The mechanism that closes the unit and stops flow into the stormwater system is engaged manually by extending and turning the handle within the unit.

The stainless steel handle stows in a protective sheath within the diffuser body and beneath the grate. Once engaged, the telescopic handle will extend 500mm above ground level out of the grate.

Debris is captured in the diffuser body and hydrocarbons are absorbed by a material secured within the diffuser body.

Illustration of the inside of a DrainSAFE™ showing how the water flows through the unit

DrainSAFE has 2 positions –  Open and Closed

In the OPEN position DrainSAFE will trap sediment, debris and hydrocarbons. Rainwater will continue to flow through the unit and into the stormwater drain. This is ideal for continuous environmental compliance during normal operations on most sites.

In the CLOSED position DrainSAFE becomes a stormwater isolation device that will block the drain and stop flow through the device. Left in the closed position, rainwater will not flow through the device which could lead to flooding. Ideally DrainSAFE is closed only during risky activities or in response to a spill emergency.

Here’s the internal compartment when it’s empty.

DrainSAFE™ cross section of internal diffuser when empty

Look at what was captured from one stormwater drain in just 6 months!

DrainSAFE Specifications

  • Flow rate 73L/sec
  • 510mm deep
  • 560mm Dia including the top lip
  • Manufactured tolerance +/- 2mm
  • Weight 19kg
  • Capacity 80L

Track Record

DrainSAFE has been very successful in it’s original design. Installations across Australia have proven the efficacy and long lifespan of the DrainSAFE unit.

DrainSAFE in use at Victoria International Container Terminal (published by Daily Cargo News, September 2020).