Project Description

A major Waste Recycling Facility was having difficulties with odour migrating to surround neighbours and environs. Following a site visit by Chatoyer Environmental, a series of hanging curtains were manufactured to provide odour control.

Two panels were designed for the front of the facility with a clear PVC window in the centre of each panel for visibility. Each curtain was to a depth of 5.2m and a width of 6.0m. Four curtains were manufactured completely from non woven geotextile for the rear of the facility to prevent odour escaping from that area also. These curtains were 11.2m wide and 5.2m deep.

The Odour Control Systems were designed, fabricated and installed by Chatoyer Environmental with a significant reduction in odour migration and complaints from the stakeholders.

Project Overview

Date: November, 2014
Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Features Summary
Odour Curtains with Clear PVC Window:

Curtain Length:
Curtain Depth:
Curtain Material:

Non woven 240gsm geotextile
Clear 900gsm PVC
High strength webbing for longitudinal strength
Project Summary

  • A turnkey solution was the client's requirement for an issue that had been very difficult to fix in the past
  • Curtain design and installation methodology were drawn, presented and approved by the client prior to the job commencement meaning no surprises for the client
  • A highly customised and specific fit into the window areas meant a detailed production and quality assurance process to ensure a successful project completion

Odour Curtain 3