Chatoyer yellow heavy duty PVC car wash mat with foam sidewalls

Chatoyer fabricates a range of high quality and durable vehicle wash mats for use in portable car washing services or in permanent wash bay facilities. Manufactured from either high quality PVC or reinforced polypropylene coated fabric, our vehicle wash mats are more for longevity. These vehicle wash mats are manufactured in standard dimensions to suit a car or truck, but they can be readily made in custom dimensions to suit your requirements. The bund walls are made from 100mm high continuous foam sides what can be driven over and walked on.

For best results a vehicle wash mat should be used with an geotextile underlay to prevent damage to the mat. If the use of an underlay is not possible, the mat can be manufactured using reinforced polypropylene fabric for extra durability.

A car wash mat or truck wash mat can be easily integrated into a water treatment system to provide a low cost wash bay system. The mats have raised sides to hold the waste water and a submersible pump can be used so wastewater can be directed to a suitable disposable location or storage tank.

Car Wash Mat

Car Wash Mat

Product Information
• 6mL internal
• 3mW internal
• Capacity: 1,800L

Truck Wash Mat

chatoyer truck wash mat in blue heavy duty PVC with foam sidewallsTruck Wash Mat

Product Information
• 18mL internal
• 4mW internal
• Capacity: 7,200L