SpilMax® StopLeak repair putty is made in Australia from all natural ingredients. Safe to handle, easy to apply and non-flammable. StopLeak is a critical addition to any spill emergency kit.

When applying the StopLeak repair putty, no surface preparation is required. While StopLeak is safe to handle, apply PPE to avoid harm from any hazardous liquids leaking from the container.

SpilMax StopLeak repair putty in shot with leaking container
SpilMax StopLeak repair putty has been applied to stop a leak through a punture on a plastic container

StopLeak is pliable.

Apply product over the rupture, then press until coverage and adhesion are achieved.

Repair putty is a temporary measure and will generate time to respond fully with other spill control products.

Product Shot - 650g tub of SpilMax StopLeak Repair Putty

SpilMax® StopLeak

Product Information

  • 650g tub