Our comprehensive range of spill containment products will have any spill incident covered. Chatoyer Environmental manufactures a range of permanent and temporary containment solutions. Our products are designed to meet your storage needs when dealing with hazardous substances.

flexible floor bund installed inside a warehouse work areaFloor Bunding

A range of drive over floor bunding options to contain spills provides an ideal solution to make secure bunded areas in workshops, liquid storage areas and in warehouses .
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large black portable containment bund with yellow standsPortable Containment Bund

Our range of Portable Containment Bunds are collapsible products designed for use in a range of spill containment needs common in mining, oil & gas or industrial applications. Manufactured in standard sizes or custom built to suit your organisation’s requirements.
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yellow quick bund / spill mat with a generatorQuick Bund

The Quick Bund is a portable spill mat to provide temporary, proactive incidental spill containment. The product is designed to be easily folded and stored when not required.
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Car Wash MatVehicle Wash Mat

Our range of large, light weight and durable wash mats are manufactured from heavy duty PVC with drive over ends that allow vehicle access. These mats can be used as part of an integrated wash bay system.
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 Foam Filled Containment Booms

Our range of floating booms are an impervious barrier designed to deflect or contain oil spills or floating debris. They are suitable for a range of marine environments and conditions.
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