Chatoyer Environmental is excited to release our new floor bunding project made from high density extruded aluminium. This is an unique floor bund system with bund dimensions of 32mm high and 185mm wide to deliver a smooth, non compromising traffic movement over each bunded section. Grooves are scalloped into the bund curve to provide additional grip for vehicle passes.

Utilising solid aluminium, the bund is extremely robust and suitable for heavy duty use in high frequency traffic locations and permanent bunding applications.  The use of aluminium also makes this type of floor bund ideal for flammable liquid containment as it won’t combust or melt (unless  under extreme temperatures). Each 1.2m section weighs over 10kg and incorporates pre drilled holes for bolts and a central surface indent to provide a locking system for section to section joins.

Aluminium floor bunding

In terms of durability, this bund will offer the same longevity as concrete bunds but at a fraction of the price. Installation will be moderately simple using dyna bolts, a silicon seal and our upper locking system. The aluminium extrusion can also be mitred to create complete rectangular or square bunded sections.


Please contact us for more information around this new, unique product to assist with your spill containment requirements.