Floor bunding for spill control and containment is an ideal solution to create secure bunded areas for workshops, wash bays, liquid storage areas, in warehouses or around fueling areas. Bunding can be used to contain spills or trap liquids where is escape is inevitable.

Chatoyer’s floor bunding range offers a variety of different composites, heights and functions. A summary of some aspects to consider when selecting your floor bunding type are:

  1. Height – the height of the bund will be affected by what traffic needs to pass over the bund (forklifts often have a low clearance),  potential trip hazards from walking traffic and the volume that is required to be contained in the case of a spill according to AS1940-2004 (a smaller floor space may require a higher bund height).
  2. Traffic – other than the clearance, the type and frequency of vehicle traffic passing over the bund will determine how robust the bunds needs to be and how well it is secured to the floor.
  3. Liquids contained – what is potentially being contained will affect the choice of composite. Is it flammable (therefore the bund could combust), highly hazardous or mild?
  4. Ease of install and replacement – purchasing the bund is only one part of the project. The difficulty of a bund install can be affected by a number of site factors and our bund types vary from self adhesive to more complex install systems. Often the ease of install is correlated to the longevity of the bund staying in place – easy can equal shorter longevity.


Chatoyer Aluminium Floor Bunding Top ViewAluminium Floor Bunding

Our extruded aluminium floor bund provides a solid and robust bund which can withstand high-frequency traffic over a long period of time.
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Chatoyer Aluminium Floor Bunding Top ViewUrethane Floor Bunding

Our UV stabilised urethane floor bund provides a flexible yet durable bund offering good chemical resistance and suitable for bunding indoors or out.
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Chatoyer Flexible Floor BundingFlexible Floor Bunding

Manufactured from high-density foam encased in heavy-duty PVC and secured to the ground. The triangular profile collapses down as vehicles drive over it and springs back to shape after it passes.
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