Chatoyer Environmental has enjoyed a 9 year relationship with their major supply partner from China. Recently, Mr Joe Chaw again arrived for a week tour of Chatoyer Environmental visiting our manufacturing plant in New South Wales and our Sales Office / Warehouse in Queensland.

Over the course of their relationship, Chatoyer Environmental has worked in continuing the improvement of our product supply, and we now receive a series of complex product mixes from this Chinese supplier. With our high quality being a centre stone of what we do, Chatoyer Environmental are very focused on, and pleased to generate, a high quality product supply from all of our supply base. We make it a point to visit our overseas suppliers at least once annually and encourage our suppliers to do the same. We believe these visits are critical to to ensure quality stays where it needs to, prices are kept competitive and we can also investigate any other new products or components we could be sourcing.

Joe Visit Jan 2During his stay in Sydney, Mr Joe Chaw visited Pittwater, the Southern Highlands and spent time in the CBD. While in Queensland, he visited the famous Noosa Beach completing the Coastal Walk (as pictured) and also went to Mooloolaba Beach.