Fined for Polluting – Contractor Forks Out $80,000

As reported in the New Zealand Press, a major contractor paid NZD $80,000 when fined for polluting a Canterbury waterway. Click here to read the article If you have a site located near a waterway or plan to do works in or near a waterway, make sure you do an assessment to find your [...]

Chatoyer features in The CEO Magazine

Chatoyer Environmental is pleased to announce that in this month's edition of The CEO Magazine, a feature article has been written about Chatoyer Environmental's Managing Director, Ben Twynham. The article walks through Ben's experiences as Chatoyer Environmental has grown and developed from its inception in 1996, and in particular over the last 5 years, to now [...]

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Celebrating 2 year install at Barangaroo

The heavy duty permanent silt curtain installed around Sydney's landmark Barangaroo has been installed in situ by our project partners Polaris Marine for over 2 years. Chatoyer Environmental is proud of this engineered silt curtain, and as these photos show, it continues to perform very successfully. This area is a high frequency ferry area and [...]

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Completion of boom for Fire & Rescue NSW

Chatoyer Environmental has completed another tranche of Floating Fence Booms and Containment Booms custom made for the Fire & Rescue New South Wales. Each boom is manufactured in 10m lengths with custom bags to make for easy handling. The commencement of this contract was one of the initial reasons that Chatoyer Environmental started manufacturing in [...]

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Chinese Supplier Visit

Chatoyer Environmental has enjoyed a 9 year relationship with their major supply partner from China. Recently, Mr Joe Chaw again arrived for a week tour of Chatoyer Environmental visiting our manufacturing plant in New South Wales and our Sales Office / Warehouse in Queensland. Over the course of their relationship, Chatoyer Environmental has worked in [...]

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Lamor Australian Visit

Representatives of the world's largest oil recovery equipment manufacturer, Lamor visited Chatoyer Environmental during early January 2015. Fred Larson (CEO) and Rasmus Guldbrand (Vice President) flew to Sydney for 4 days to meet with Chatoyer Environmental clients and discuss new Lamor technologies recently launched. Chatoyer Environmental has been the Australian Agent for Lamor since 2011 [...]

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New Case Study – Hanging Odour Curtain

Chatoyer Environmental has recently uploaded a case study covering the design, manufacture and installation of a series of hanging curtains to provide odour control for a major waste recovery facility. Please click on the link below to see more. Odour Control System Case Study

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Revised User Guides – Silt Curtain & Floating Baffles

Chatoyer Environmental has recently written two revised User Guides for both our manufactured Silt Curtains and Floating Baffle systems. These User Guides have been put together based on our experience both directly manufacturing and in the field working with clients to generate the optimum solution. We believe these documents can be useful in your environmental [...]

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New Release: Aluminium Heavy Duty Floor Bund

Chatoyer Environmental is excited to release our new floor bunding project made from high density extruded aluminium. This is an unique floor bund system with bund dimensions of 32mm high and 185mm wide to deliver a smooth, non compromising traffic movement over each bunded section. Grooves are scalloped into the bund curve to provide additional grip [...]

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