Project Description

To custom design an ocean boom that would withstand an ocean environment in the Gulf of Mexico. BP requested a 26″, 38″ and 42″ prototype to test and commission for use in these rugged conditions.

Project Overview

Date: June, 2010
Location: Houston, Texas, USA

Features Summary

Materials used:
  • 900gsm heavy duty PVC
  • 280mm diameter closed cell foam
  • Load strat as tensioning member
  • Heavy Duty ASTM connectors
Large ocean boom designed to tolerate and protect against ocean conditions with high freeboard balanced by deep skirt and ballast.
Provided the lengths required, the boom was commissioned for work in Assise Chinese factory for transport by air.

Project Summary

  • Custom designed to meet BP exacting requirements
  • Product capacity and project management / logistics instrumental in meeting BP’s demand for boom at unprecendented levels.
  • Only Australian manufacturer taken to final stages of production selection

DSC03247   DSC03269