Custom Portable Bunding

Chatoyer Environmental technicians designed a custom portable bunding solutions for installation at a coal seam gas exploration site. All products had to be completely portable and supplied with ground mats and carry bags.

Protection of Stormwater During Construction

Silt Wardens were installed to provide protection of stormwater pits during construction. Silt migration was identified as an environmental risk while widening a motorway. The Silt Warden was placed in the existing stormwater pits within the median strip to prevent silt from escaping into the stormwater system.

Custom Tapered Silt Curtains

Chatoyer Environmental's custom tapered silt curtains were used to protect a lake during construction along it's shoreline. Construction involved extending a rockwall and creating a channel for an irrigation intake.

Lyttelton Port Silt Curtain

To contain debris and sediment associated with the reclamation of Lyttelton Port, a heavy duty silt curtain was installed. The area is subject to extreme weather conditions with winds exceeding 40 knots, currents of 8 knots and ocean swells up to 6m.

Bridge Construction Silt Curtain

During the construction of a new bridge as part of a road upgrade, Class 2 Silt Curtain was utilised to create a settlement area and ensure that suspended solids did not escape the work area.

Waste Removal Exercise – Sydney Harbour

To complete a task of unblocking a storm water culvert for NSW Government on the shores of Lavender Bay, Sydney Harbour. Chatoyer Environmental was contracted by Polaris Marine to manufacture suitable environmental protection measures in the case of an oil spill or migration of sediment during the operation. The storm water entry is nearby a [...]

Odour Control Systems with Hanging Curtains

A major Waste Recycling Facility was having difficulties with odour migrating to surround neighbours and environs. Following a site visit by Chatoyer Environmental, a series of hanging curtains were manufactured to provide odour control. Two panels were designed for the front of the facility with a clear PVC window in the centre of each panel for [...]

Barangaroo Silt & Debris Curtain

To contain debris and sediments from entering Sydney Harbour as a result of the redevelopment of Barangaroo into a world class waterfront precinct. Sitting right in the foreground of Sydney Harbour, this project has an extremely high profile within the city of Sydney with environmental controls being paramount to successful progress of the site. Chatoyer [...]

Woodside proves Lamor oil recovery equipment

Woodside Energy undertook a successful deployment of their Lamor Offshore Heavy Duty Boom and Lamor Multi Head skimming system. This equipment was purchased for storage at their King Bay Supply Base which is their central store located near Dampier in Western Australia. The purpose of the heavy duty containment boom and multi head [...]

United Group Infrastructure – Westdale Alliance

Chatoyer Environmental were contracted to design, supply, deliver and install the 4 baffle systems for their Westdale Alliance project. Project Overview Date: February 2011 Location: Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia Features Summary Baffle length: Materials used: 3 x 170m long baffles with 4m skirt & 1 x 120m long [...]