The Aquatic Weed Boom creates a floating barrier that offers excellent pollution control and containment in many types of waterways including ponds, rivers, channels and canals. The floating Weed and Debris Boom will control the migration of plants, rubbish, or debris. Installing the Weed and Debris Boom will make it easy to collect and clean items out of your polluted waterway.

Weed and Debris boom in stormwater canal during high flows

Our Weed and Debris Booms are suitable for permanent or temporary installations – robust construction with high quality materials.

Our standard features include:

  • 610gsm PVC or 1020gsm Elvaloy casings
  • crumble resistant closed cell foam flotation
  • Superior 370gsm UV stabilised high density knitted HDPE shade cloth
  • 6mm galvanised continuous chain ballast in pocket
  • Universal ASTM F962 z-connectors

Product Code Float Chain Skirt
Aquatic Weed Boom AMCWEE10015300 100mm 6mm 300mm
Aquatic Weed Boom AMCWEE15015300 150mm 8mm 300mm
Aquatic Weed Boom Custom made to your specifications

Download our Weed and Debris Boom Brochure